H1 to H4 transfer


I came to USA on H4 visa in July 2014 and applied H1B in April 2015 and got approval of H1B in DEC 2015 till then iam searching for job but didn’t got the job yet.

My employer is not running my payroll,now my question is i wanted to change my visa to H4 ,so with out pay stubs can i apply my H1B transfer to H4?

Since you didnt get a job for quite some time, its better to change the status for the moment and later when ever you find a job apply for cos

yeah that is what i wanted to do , but with out pay stubs is that possible to change the status from h1b to h4?.

You should leave US and return on H-4 visa to be on H-4. Filing COS to H-4 would not work as you don’t have payslips.

At the same time, start exploring options to get paid for the back wages. Complain to DOL and ask the employer to pay you what is rightfully and legally yours.