H1 to H4 to H1 Travel Question

Hi Team,

Below is my case and the question related to the same:


  1. Worked on H1B visa from company ABC (valid till 2018) in the US for 6months

  2. Went back to India after project completion

  3. Also got married in this period and came back to the US on H4visa (valid till 2017)

  4. Got a new offer from company XYZ and COS (change of status) from H4 to H1B was filed by them

  5. Now, I hold a new H1B approved petition (valid till 2019)


a) Now, since I have an urgent requirement to travel back to India, Can I re-enter the US with my old H1B stamped visa from company ABC which is valid till 2018 (as mentioned in point 1 in the above case)? Or is it mandatory to get the new H1B(valid till 2019 as in point 4 of the above case) stamped on my passport whose petition I have from company XYZ?

P.S. Last that I entered the US was on a dependent visa (H4)

Looking forward for suggestions and advice. Thanks in advance!