H1 to H4 in india

I have been following this thread and my wife is in a similar position.

My wife came with me on 11th March 2013 on H4. We applied for her H1b using an employer in April 2014. She got her Visa approved on 01 Oct 2014. My visa got expired on 30th September and I filed an extension alone which got approved.

She is now working to an end client via a vendor and then a consulting firm starting 24th November 2014. Now we urgently need to leave to india for sister’s wedding. We have two complexities here:

  1. Client is not giving client letter as she is a contractor through a consulting firm via a vendor.
  2. Consulting firm is not giving leave since she has not been working for long.

Question 1: Can she leave to India with a valid H1B and come back with H4? (Her earlier H4 visa is already expired)

Question 2: What are the charges to change the status back from H4 to H1b when we return?

Question 3: Since she has worked only a month, she has only 1 salary slip, will there be any complexities during changing status from H4 to H1b when we return back?

Appreciate any kind help!