H1 to H4 dependent visa, did not got the receipt yet.

Hi Saurabh,

I have an ongoing case for H1 to H4 conversion for my spouse. We had two concurrent processings, one is H1 transfer for me to a different employer and H1 to H4 for my spouse. My wife initiated H1 to H4 transfer 4 weeks back based on my H1 receipt number and her payment check got cleared 2 weeks back. Meanwhile, i got my H1 approved but still we did not got the receipt number for H4 as yet. Another change was, a week back we moved out of the location which we mentioned in i-539 for H4 application so we don’t know actually if the receipt number got delivered. When we talk to USCIS, they say that they cannot help until 30 working days time. Is it ok just to wait? Or can we do anything else? Also i heard there is a way to decipher the receipt number based on some numbers present on the check, is anything like that actually there?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


You can wait for 30 days to see if it is received or not. If the check has been cashed and you can access check copy online (some banks have that feature), then you can look at the receipt number at the back of the check.