H1 to h4 COS status denied - what will be considered as overstay


My h1 b visa i94 expired on Jan 8 2018 and extension was in progress .
We appiled for COS to H4 on Feburary 12 , 2018

My employer withdrew my H1-B extension on April 8 2018.

My COS to H4 was denied On January 14 2019 reason given was ‘Since the extension of stay for the Principal applicant was denied , you do not qualify for the requested extension of stay’

I left USA on Jan 30 ,2019.

Will my case be considered as a case of overstay ?

Thanks !

Was H4 COS applied to the same applicant that had H1B in progress ? If not, what was the status before H4 COS for the applicant ?

yes , cos applied for the applicant whose h1 b extension was in progress.

I am assuming you mentioned the H1B petition info when you filed COS to USCIS. If so, maybe you would be considered Ok. Either case, It is slightly a grey area and I would suggest you speak to an attorney and get it clarified as this is a tricky situation and you cannot assume anything.