H1 staty is 4.5 years, should I continue or change the job


I am currently in US on H1 Visa with 4 years and 6 months on stay. My total IT experience with the current employer is 10 yesrs, My employer is also filed a labor for my GC last year April, no status from DOL on this PERM application yet, My problem is I want to stay in US but my employer is getting too much pressure from the client on cost outs, so I am planning to change employer, as I have 1.5 years remining on my H1, can I find another eployer who can file my GC and get PERM approved and continue the stay in US? or should I wait till I get my PERM status, with the current employer and then change Job? can I still port the priority date for another labor application from different employer? my current employer is filed my GC in EB3, if I change the employer can I file new GC with EB2 category as I will he having more then 6 years from other company?

Please advise and let me knoe the pros and cons of changing the job now?

Thanks & regards,

Jilani Shaik.

Another employer can file cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) and PERM, I-140 for you.

You can port the date from current employer only if your I-140 gets approved. As your PERM is still not approved, it may take some time before I-140 gets filed and processed.

My personal suggestion would be to look for another employer and have them file the GC ASAP. Yes, you can become eligible for EB-2 through new employer depending upon the job requirements.