H1 stamping in india. some doubts


I am on H1 working for a big US client. My employer is a consulting company based in US. I am currently in india and working remotely for my client. I am also getting my regular salary in my US bank account. I will be working remotely for next 3 months or so. My H1 extension will be filed next month and after it is approved i will go for visa stamping. My questions are

Is it ok to tell the officer that i was working from india? will i have any problem regarding this?

I get paid on an hourly rate basis from my employer so my salary fluctuates a bit every month. If the officer asks me about the fluctuation, what should i say?

your status is valid only if you are in the US. if you are in India working for a US company - it doesn’t matter as long as you are able to produce relevant payslips and tax documents.

thanks for the answer. Can u pls answer my second question abt fluctuating salary.

It doesn’t matter what you are paid while you are outside of US. While inside US, you need to ensure that you are getting paid at least the amount mentioned in the LCA.