H1 revoked visa to expire in 2 months need help

Hi all,

Need some really quick suggestions regarding my situation… I got h1 from employer a in 2015 and before i was on stem opt and i worked on h1 for a month and have a 1 month pay stub. Came to india for stamping and got it done my visa petition expired by sep 30 2016.due to personal emergency i could not fly back and client ended my contract and ny emoloyer revoked my h1 asking me to come on new job offer… Now sm worried abouy my status as i have jus a month left before my visa expires and.the companu is so reluctant to find me a job as i am in india… Now my question is

  1. If i change to employer B and he have offer for me how lonh will it take the petition to get approved and can i fly to us if transfer is in progress

2.wat if i stay with this employer a and he finds me job after my visa expires can i use dropbox for visa stampig as i will have only two weeks to report to my client

  1. Can i transfer my employer a’s revoked visa to employer b before it expires and fly to usa( i have onlu one pay stub)

Please suggest me with your valuable suggestions… Desparately in need… Awaiting for responses

  1. Processing could be done in 15 calendar days (PP) or 4-6 months (RP). Don’t enter US until that petition is approved, unless you plan to work for the old employer.

  2. Yes, you can use dropbox for visa stamping within 1 year of expiration date.

  3. Yes, B can file a cap-exempt petition for you (as mentioned in 1).