H1 Revocked after approval but sevis is still valid

H1b approved and issued NOIR due to clerical errors,
Before h1 I’m in stem opt.
Once h1 is reopened I contacted university they said my sevis is still active and I received my new i20 also.
Now my h1b is revoked
My sevis is still active and school dso saying that no record found regarding H1 on my sevis.
Can I continue work on opt?
Am I out of status?
My employer attorneys saying that I can work if sevis is still active. Is it possible if h1 approved and revoked?
My employer trying to file h1 Amendment on top of revoked petition will uscis accept that ?
will i comes under cap-excempt.
Please reply and thanks in advance

I believe, I answered in comments. As I mentioned there, you cannot just move from one status to other. You need to do proper Change of Status. So, work with your attorney and then do it carefully so that you it does not impact you in the long term for out of status issues.