H1 Quota Stay in USA after L1 visa

Hello Team,

I have completed 4.5 years Legal stay in USA on L1-B visa and returned to india on Dec 26th 2014. Once i returned to india, i have applied for fresh H1 B in april 2015 for 2015-2016 Quoto and it went through lottery. Currently iam waiting for Approval. If visa gets approved will i be eligible to stay in USA for another 6 years. I have plan to Travel after December 2015 to qualify for Cool off period. Please clarify my concern.

Cool off period is for applying visa after 1 year stay outside of USA or just staying physicaly outside of USA even after getting Visa approval .




When you are outside of USA for more than 365 days, your clock resets. You can apply for H1-B VISA and get the VISA during this period. No issues. If you get your H1-B VISA on say Oct 01,2015 or before, you better to enter USA only after Dec 26,2015 sothat you get 6 years time to stay in USA.