H1 Query got approved but not stamped

Hi Saurabh,

My brother applied H1 B Visa on 2008 in USA and it got approved but didn’t stamped. I don’t the reason the company didn’t show any interest and didn’t respond to us. But send a scanned copy to my brother that it is expired. It got expired on Sept 21, 2011. My brother is in India. I applied here(USA) for my brother. Now the company are not responding to us. But we have receipt no. What best we do, my brother is in India.

Thanks in advance.

Based on previous approvals, he is eligible for cap-exempt H-1. But I guess the first thing is to find an employer who is really interested in the whole process including stamping and then calling him to US for work. Once you find such an employer, they can file the new petition (not subject to cap) and he can go for stamping.