H1 process or F1 Visa Stamping

Previously I got my question answered for the question related to this issue.The situation here is somewhat different and I have never heard of anyone travelling to India with a expired f1 visa but still having valid OPT.I only know that I need to go through the process from the begining.

My VISA in the passport was expired in August 2013.Currently, I am on my OPT Extension which is valid till June 2015.There is a need to travel to India in the month of April.What would be the best scenario for me to come back to U.S. and continue working.I  believe if a person stays back in India for more than 5 months they will be out of status.And I am planning to stay in India for more than 5 months.My husband will be applying for H1 this April and if get approved and he is granted a VISA I need to beack in US in October.What if I don't go for stamping as soon as I go to India in April and plan to do it sometime later, by the end of July and return to U.S in October.Will that be an appropriate decision.Or will it be a good decision to apply for H1B this April and leave to India and wait for the H1 decision and go for stamping in India?

If your F-1 stamp is expired but OPT is active, it allows you to stay in the US. You may travel on this type of paperwork only to US contiguous territories like Mexico, Cuba, Canada etc and that too for a stay not to exceed 30 days. For elsewhere, a new stamp is needed.

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