H1 out of cap, after 7+ years of H1 expiry

Employer : XYZ Inc. & EB-2 Priority Date was 04/06/2011.
Worked for XYZ Inc. from 08/01/2011 till 08/25/2013 on I-140 based H1 visa and left the US. H1-B has expired in Jun 2014, leaving 9+ months unused in the stamped visa itself.
XYZ Inc. requested USCIS on 03-02-2015 for my I-140 revocation as I left them and USCIS shows this revocation date as on 04/06/2015.
XYZ Inc. got merged with ABC Inc. dated Dec, 2018.

Basic question-
As 7+ years have passed since my H1B( based on I-140 ) expiry date :June-2014, But left with 9+ months unused,
A) Based on the above details, Am I eligible for H1 out of cap extension with any alternate employer?
B) Can the company ABC Inc. which merged XYZ Inc. into it, ONLY can do my H1 out of cap extension ?

Because you have an approved I140, any employer who has a H1B job offer for you and willing to sponsor your H1B may file cap-exempt petition for you.

If the employer withdraw I140 after 180 days of the approval, you can still use it for AC21 extenstion which basically allows extension of H1B status beyond its term of 6 years.

You just need to provide the employer with copy of your I140 approval notice.

Also your PD is current at this point in time so once you start the new job your employer can initiate your GC process and after PERM is approved you can file I140 and I485 concurrently if your PD remains current at the time of your PERM approval.

Thank you very much Sir. Will try based on these details.