H1 no job want to change to L2 COS


I got my H1 approved on Oct 3, 2013. But Till now after 20 days my employer is not able to find job for me. He is showing me as on upaid vacation.

My question is I want to change from H1 to L2 cos as my wife is on L1.

Please let me know

  1. Would there be any complication in H1 to L2 COS as I have not recevied any pay stub for these Oct month after my H1 approval. My last pay stub was in Sept 20, 2013. If my employer shows me on unpaid vacation will it work.

  2. Instead of waiting to get new project should I file my COS from h1 to L1 immediately cause it is getting more then one month being out of job on H1.

  3. Or should I wait to get the new job for some more time … If so how much more I can wait.

  4. later once I have moved to L2 from H1 . Can some other company can file h1 for me once I get the other project.

And if so can the other company can file it any time of year instead of next April submission.

please let me know.