H1 is in process, can I apply for B1?


Need your suggestion on my current situation. I have my H1B visa process going on and currently it is in "initial review" stage. I got an offer from a company in US who have filed it for me. But they have told me to resign from current organisation once H1B visa stamping process is done successfully.
Now, my current organisation wants me to go to US for a conference and they want my B1/B2 visa to be processed.

So, I have the questions:
1. Is it ok to go for new B1/B2 visa stamping?
2. Is it valid? Will it create any issue in H1B process?

Some facts:
1. As on today my H1B is in initial review stage (in approval process)
2. B1/B2 stamping will happen this month end
3. I may need to travel for conference next month start/mid.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated. Thanks for help in advance.




Yes you can process your B1 visa but when u go for B1 visa they will ask you question that any visa you had applied earlier ?However they will track through paspport no and they might give the B1 visa for 1 year validity (10 year usually).As my case is same but i didnt travelled once B1 approved.They had handed over pink slip 221g for admin process then after 2 weeks they approved B1 but 1 year only may be due H1B in process.But make sure you return on time.


H1B guy