H1 Interview Waiver question

I guess, I fall under interview waiver but below is the situationMy passport is stamped only till OCT 2015 based on my first H1b with employer A.Employer A got me the new I-797 in OCT 2015 as well, in premium for another 3 years.

After a month, I changed to employer B which got me new I797 and my wife’s H4 extension as well.I want to go for stamping, Answering question on cgi website; it says I m eligible for interview waiver Please confirm I am on right track ?

Does my wife also avail dropbox since she is in US on H4 already ?

I guess I shld use the new employer petitioner number/I797 while scheduling interview ?thanks in advance.

Do you plan to return and work for A or B? Use the approved petition of the employer you intend to work for, so that they can support your visa interview.

As your visa stamped was expired within last 12 months, you are eligible for interview waiver program, even if you intend to use B’s petition. Same holds for your wife if her H-4 visa stamp has expired in past 12 months.