H1 interview right after L1 interview

Hi guys,

Last Week, I got L1 stamped thru my current employer. Now my H1B petition has also arrived & my US employer is asking me go for H1 visa interview.
I am sure Interview will ask about this coincidence & may reject H1. How can I justify the time of both visas processing?


First decide which one you want and by which you are going to travel to US. If your going travel with H1B. Tell the VO that you will travelling for H1B employer. it will not create much issues unless you give proper justification and clear on your travel



Thank you very much Sir. I want to travel on H1B. What justification can i provide to VO??

Explain the VO that you have identified a new employer and you are going to work for the new employer and you will no longer continuew with the exisitng employer