H1 in RFE. possible documents will be asked by USCIS for RFE?

Hi alll

Can somebody help me on the below situation?

I'm holding H4 and I've applied my H1 thro some consultancy (though i dint rely them much) .They provided an EAC (Still i'm not sure whether that EAC is mine) 

Currently my EAC is in RFE status.(from 13th sept) When i checked the consultancy they asked to send the below documents 

Spouse I-797&i94
Spouse Latest 5 paystubs
Spouse W2’s

Are the above documents are really required for my RFE.  Also i heard if someone gets RFE status, the copy will reach them in a week.. Is it so? If that is the case, why my employer is asking for my spouse's details? 

Can i rely the consultancy? I'm very much worried. 

Please somebody clarify.