H1&H4 Stampng Process to for visa stamping

Hi All,

My H1B petition got approved in cap exempt case and i need to go for Visa Stamping with my wife. can you guys please let me know what is the process to attend the visa interview togeather.

also i am recently maried and is my wife passport should have my name in it to gor stamping?


  You could add your wife as dependent in the Form DS160 and take a single slot for interview.

More information: [http://www.ustraveldocs.com/](http://www.ustraveldocs.com/)

I am not so sure about the impact or requirement of one's name on their spouse's Passport, related to VISA processing. In any case, you have more than 6 weeks to schedule the appointment (earliest is July 1st) and thus will get enough time to have your name added to your wife's Passport or the other way around. If you can do a urgent processing (called Tatkal or something), you could get the new Passport back in a week's time.new Passport in a week's tim

It is not mandatory to have the names in each others’ passports. You just need to show that you are married which can be demonstrated through various documents like:

  • marriage certificate
  • names in each others’ passport
  • wedding album and card