H1 & H4 Stamping for the first time ! Suggestions needed

Hi saurabh and frnds,

                           My petition is approved for H1B 2014 and my employer told me to attend the VISA

My query is i am married and my employer based in US is small sized firm as it is my first time on H1B do i attend VISA for

both H1 & H4 on same day ,i am bit uncertain as my employer company is medium firm do i risk the chances .

  1. My F1 visa got rejected for 2 times back in 2008

  2. My employer being a small firm

  3. I heard ppl saying that if you are going to work for the same company over there then its better to go for both H1 & H4

    Ex -- if a guy working here in TCS( hyd) and going to join the same company over there TCS( USA) will that be a case as

the firm is bigger and visa gets approved.

       Well if not with me she will anyhow go for H4 once my H1 gets approved , need you suggestions frnds do i wait for my H1 to be approved or do i take the chance of going ahead H1 & H4 .

For my above Questions i dont want any controversial comments which anyhow will not help me neither any1 among you .thanks