H1- H4 - H1 visa process for 6 years limit

I have come to USA in Oct,2009 in L-2 Visa, started working on EAD from Oct,2010, changed to H1B in Oct,2013 and H1B valid till May,2015. H1B is getting maxed out in Dec,2015 for 6 years limit.

Now question:
Currently in H1B and planning to leave the job and getting changed to H4 from Feb, 2015 as I am expecting and want to give 1 year time to my baby.

Can I join back to H1 again from H4 after 1 year that is after Mar,2016. Do I need to apply for new H1B and go through the lottery process and wait for uncertain time to get it approved or I can make change of status from H4 to H1 and find sponser to apply for COS from H4 to H1 and start working immediately?

For your information that 1 yr period of H4 planning to stay outside US for 4-5 months to home country.