H1 H4 extension pending- H4 EAD expired


We have concurrently applied for my H1 extension, my spouse’s H4 extension, and H4 EAD. I worry their H4 will not be approved before the EAD expires. I know there is an automatic 180/540-day extension on the EAD. I was wondering if this extension period is valid if their H4 extension is still pending.

The automatic extension for H4 EAD is subject to a valid H4 during the extension period.
I suggest to upgrade your H1B petition to premium so the H4 can also be processed with H1B and hopefully it gets approved before the H4 expires.

Thank you for your reply. Any idea what the timeline is to receive the H1B receipt notice at the CA center.
It has been 20 days but I have not yet received it.

Should receive within 6 weeks.