H1/H4/EAD Extension process


My current company file H1 Extension along with this H4 & H4-EAD has also been sent under regular processing not premium

My H1B is expiring on July 17, 2024 & I94 too. Since it has been filed under regular processing, what I know is that, to get the receipt itself it will take 2-3 weeks then approval will take 3-5 months.

Questions are as follows:

  1. How do I extend my DL? Can I extend my DL based on receipt notice?
  2. How it will work if I get a new job meanwhile my new employer files for H1B transfer along with H4 & H4 EAD?
  3. Are there any risk involved if I switch my job during this extension process?
  4. Are there any time window that I can upgrade my petition for premium processing?
  5. What happens during this process due to some emergency we have to travel outside of US

This depends on your DMV, some understand the issue and some agents may not. Carry employment verification letter from your employer along with the I-797 receipt notice copy. Talk to the supervisor if needed.

Make sure the new employer files H1B transfer in premium processing and join them only after the H1B is approved. Once you get the I-797 approval notice, send a copy with cover letter (explaining the reason you are sending the new H1B approval notice to prove your valid H1B status and change of employer) and copy of receipt notices for H4/EAD to the USCIS center processing the H4 extension. This way you dont have to apply for H4/EAD again with the H1B transfer.


You can upgrade any time.

Travel generally do not impact extension of status if your existing I-797/I-94 is still valid. If current I-94 expires and you are working on basis of timely filed extension of status, I would suggest not to travel as you will need a valid I-797 to enter back along with a valid visa.