H1+h4 Dropbox eligibility

Hello, My situation is as below
I am alone qualified for the H1B drop-box (interview waiver) based on the questions asked during the appointment booking as I have a valid B1.
Below are the details regarding my wife and kids. Please let me know if we all 4 are eligible for the DROPBOX option?
Wife: Holds an H1B visa which expired on date as - August 2020, without any annotated : “Clearance received” or “Department authorization”.
KIDS: a Girl child 8 years 6 months old and a boy child 2 years 6months without any old visas.
Myself: holding a valid B1.
Could you please let me know if we all four are eligible for the DROPBOX option?
Thank you

All of you should be eligible for dropbox however in case of children below 14 , they do need parents passport copy with valid visa (H1B/H4). Though I think all four of you should be able to submit dropbox documents at same time and your children may be still eligible for dropbox.

Call VFS and double check


@venkat1982 Do you have a I-797petition with your B1 ?