H1-H4 COS by going to India and coming back on H4

Hi1. I came to US on H4 in Apr’2015 and never left US. Later I applied for H1B and it was approved and I was eligible to work from Dec’2016 onwards.2. My employer could not find a project for me. Hence no paystubs etc. I understand I am out of status.3. I am advised that it is better to go back to India and re-etner on H4 instead of staying out of status. (I have not consulted a lawyer yet).4. When I go back to India now in Apr 2017 and come back in June 2017, Do I need to go for H4 stamping as my H4 is valid till 15 Aug 2017.

  1. If stamping is required, what documents need to be shown?

  2. If stamping not required, will I be asked about my paystubs and h1b related documents while entering USA on H4 visa?Thanks in advance.

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