H1 H4 and H4 EAD Concurrent filing situation


I would like to know what the options I can use for my situation. My employer is applying for my H1 extension and H4. However, I would also like to apply my spouse’s H4 EAD(first time) but I don’t want to use the concurrent filing for H4 EAD as they are charging more legal fees along with the USCIS fees which is more than what I have to manually pay. Now,

  • Whether to apply for H4 EAD by myself when the H1 and H4 filing by my employer is a good decision ?

  • If so, Is there a way I can know which service center H1 and H4 was filed to and attach my H4 EAD application to the same service center?

  • Can this still be considered as a concurrent filing? and would receive the H4 EAD approved along with H1 and H4 cases?

Thanks in advance.

Could you please provide your opinion ?

The best way to handle this is to fillout the I-765 form yourself and mail it to your attorney withvthe supporting docs and request them to include that in the same mailing packet as the H1B/H4 so that it is treated as concurrent filing.