H1 got approved for just 15days - Options to Stay in US?


I’m on STEM OPT and I applied for H1 this year I had an RFE for specialty occupation which I have submitted and my H1 is approved but only for 15days as per client letter’s end date now I’m applying for extension, it would be fine if it is approved I’m worried about the worst scenarios what will be the scenarios if my extension got denied. how long can I stay in us if my H1 extension is denied? Can I apply for day 1 CPT college and stay in the US. Please suggest me the next best step such that I can still stay in the US even my H1 extension is denied.


When does your F1 status end ? When does your H1B approval end ? Was your thing COS ?
In general, the Day 1 CPT is a risky option, many have got issues, so may not be the best option… Your best option is to find another employer and apply for h1B using them, so that you can have a backup H1B approved…

My Stem Opt actually should end on oct 2020 but it has been updated/ ended on oct 3rd 2019 on my sevip portal to shows as inactive. My H1 ends on 18th oct 2019 which is 10days from today.

So, your COS has kicked in…Technically, you need to file for H1B extension very soon before the expiration… Your options are limited as you are already on H1B status…You may try to go to F1, but going for Day 1 CPT colleges is not recommended… Stay positive…You can also find another employer and try to file H1B with them requesting it as Consular processing, so that you can go out, get stamping and re-enter.