H1 filing , proofs of documents


My employer says he filed H1, but he does not share documents. I don’t know if he filed or not
he just says H1 is not picked in the lottery this year as of now.

Sorry, this question might have been asked multiple times, but still wanted to check.

What can I do to know if he filed it or not?


Well, you can ask them to share the reject notice, once they receive it. It looks like Sample Reject Notice h1B. This could take some time like early or late July, so you need to wait. You can read H1B Lottery Timelines

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@Kumar, one more question here, is there any time frame for hr to receive (reject notice) letter from USCIS that applicaiton is not picked or selected in lottery ? Employer told H1 is not picked this year lottery ?
please suggest

Read the article that I gave, all the dates and timelines are given.

I got a rejection letter in pdf, with some case number, how can i believe if this is authentic.

one of my friends, says his employer got the packet sent back from USCIS indicating not picked

what are the other possible ways to know if filed correctly or not ?

You can check status on USCIS web site with case number provided on your PDF.
if Case number is valid then on web site it will tell you the Status.

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