H1 Extension - RFE response timeline and repurcussion to not respond within timeline


I got RFE on my H1 extension filed under premium and my company is unable to file response within 1 month of timeline. Only 4 days to more to respond and they seems not able to respond. Please let me know what would be the implication post deadline.

Note: My existing I94 expiry date is 8 July 2016



You can move to another employer through H-1 transfer. If the current employer is not able to get the petition approved, then that would be the end of road for this employer’s petition.

If the current petition is not approved somehow than is it possible that they can file again new petition with new sow/ client before I94 expiration. Thanks.

They can. However any petition (new employer or current one) need to do that prior to current I-94 expiration date. Otherwise, you will have to leave US and continue to file petition from there.

What was RFE about? Are you and/or employer confident that filing for another client would not result in similar RFE?