H1 extension RFE __04/05/2017

I applied on H1 extension 03/23/2017 on premium process, and I received RFE for more evidence for education, job duties etc.

I am working since last 4 years as a "web developer/ computer programmer”. I have completed M.sc Electronics.

My employer submitted wrong Amendment for end client, which is “wells- fargo”. My employer is not responding to USCIS.

Now my employer said find some company and do visa transfer as soon as quick, they are not going to respond USCIS.

And my H1 is expiring on 05/05/2017. I had 13 months left on my H1 extension. I am not able to find a new employer / company who file my H1 transfer. I have 15 days left.

I applied visa transfer from H1 to F1 on 04/08/2017. I don’t know if it will approve or Not.

My question is,

What evidence USICS need ???

Evidence for what? Your pending H-1 extension petition?