h1 extension procedure


Does H1 extension requires consulate appointment for stamping

My company is asking me to fill DS160
and book appointment to consulate in order to apply for extension

Are you inside US or outside of US? When is your current visa stamp expiring?

I am currently in India and my visa was expiring on 30th september, I applied for extension before expiry date

Just want to add on above , I never travelled to US before

As you are outside of US, you can first get the extended petition and then apply for visa stamping. It is not required to complete DS-160 and schedule appointment for petition extension.

If you have not traveled, you will have to stamp again (Even with a valid stamp from old employer)

ok, my visa is approved for 1 year but earlier it was approved for 3 years

Is this new rule that visa will be valid for 1 year only?