H1 extension no change in LCA went to California service center

Hello All,

I company (Indian MNC) H1B extension on July 01 in normal mode. Though there is no change in role or work location or salary or client, my petition went to California service center. Is it possible to request to change to different service center?.
Due to family reasons i am planning to travel to India in December as california service center takes more than 10 months. I am in a dilema to wait or to go via premium processing.

Additional Info
I received my wife’s (H4) receipt notice on 09-July-2019 to home through USPS.
Received finger print notice (for H4 alone) on 11-July-2019 for 27-July-2019 at nearest ASC and gave finger prints on mentioned date and location.
I received my petition copy on 23-July-2019 through attorney.

You do not get to decide where it should be processed. Your employer would file based on it should go. But, USCIS can move around to balance the load. The only thing you can control is to upgrade the petition to premium to get a response soon.

Hi Kumar,

Thanks for your reply.

Do you mean that employer/attorney have control on which location to send/process or its solely USCIS decides which location to process.

They have guidance on where they need to send, but not on where it gets processed. USCIS decides where it gets processed based on their load.