H1 Extension + Amendment and 240 days rule

I’ve applied for H1 Extension + Amendment on dec,2018 and replied to uscis for RFE(Speciality occupation) on jun, 2019.
My 240 days rule has 60 days left now and case is processed from California Center.

  1. Is 240 days applicable for this case ?
  2. Is it true 240 days rule not applicable for case extension + amendment and I can stay and work in us until decesion?
  3. If 240 days rule applicable, What are the chances of getting a response (approval or denial) from uscis before 240 days rule( 60 days left from now).

In general, the 240 day rule applies to Extensions. But, for amendments, it may not directly apply. It all depends on how it was filed…You need to check with your attorney on this. Check H1B 240 Day Rule USCIS. The Approval or denial depends on many factors and cannot give generic answer.