H1 effective from Oct 1st 2012, do i need to refile?

Hey, I am on H4 visa but, my H1b was filled in April 2012 and got approved in month of April 2012 itself, as it was filled in premium process. After that i went to India in May 2012 and came back in August 2012, i got my H1b Approval notice also, which says i can start my job from October. But somewhere i heard that i need to REFILE my visa as my 1-94 has been changed coz of my travel. Is it true?? or i can straight away start my job without refiling?? Thanks so Much!

No, you do not need to, if your H1B was filed with COS. If you look at your H1B Approval notice, you should see a small piece of paper saying I-94 in the bottom, if you have that and is valid, then you are good to work from Oct 1st, without traveling outside of US.

If you do not have the I-94 attached to it, then you would need to travel outside and get H1B stamped or you need to file a Change of Status form in US to start working.