H1 current visa status is revoked by UCIS

Hi ,

I filed for my H1 visa on October 2015 and received my H1 visa approved on 4th Jan , 2016 . In between since my husband applied for his H1 visa extension ( Dec, 15) so I got my H4 ( I539) approved on Jan 14th , 2016. During the time of 4th Jan to 14th Jan i went to SSN office assuming i have H1 work visa to get my SSN number so that I can start the project but I have never received SSN on the basis of my H1 visa and my pay slip not generated against my H1 visa. And later on I assumed since my husband applied for H4 visa extension along with his H1 visa so i get converted to H4 visa again . Currently my H1 is showing revoked by UCIS . Am I not eligible to covert my previous H1 visa again? Can I be considered as out of cap ( cap exempt? )