H1-B Vissa petition was picked in lottery and now my employer claims that my project was scrapped ?

Help me understand on H1-B Visa Processing.

INtially my employer filled my petition with all client and project details, so now after filling case in middle if teh project was cancelled, don’t we have an option to change the project / client details.

We have no option but only to withdraw my applicaion ? is that true ?

Let me know if we have any other options you suggest me to check with my employer.

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Change in location requires new LCA, which may not be changed while the petition is pending. So it may not be very helpful to the case if you change client location now.

Thank you Saurabh for your response.

At what stage can a new LCA be filed. My current status is “Case was Received”

Also now what option do I have other than withdrawing my application.

When you say it may not be much helpful : H1-B petition was filed against my employer rite and he may choose to change my client if required. Can’t that be done ?
whom will this be effected Employee or Employer ?

LCA is a pre-req for I-129 (H-1 application), which is filed by employer. When there is a change in location, a new LCA is required which changes the basis of filed I-129 and can result in denial.

When I say it is not very helpful, I am referring to helpful in getting the approval decision.

Client location can be changed only after the petition has been approved.

hey did u get any update for your visa status, have they accepted your case ?

I am also facing the same problem like your