H1 B - visa stamping receipt not updated in PIMS database


 I have appeared for H1 B stamping on 27-02-2014 in dubai us embassy and done with interview. Interview was cool and cosnuler was happy with my answers, but the problem he said is that my receipt number is not updated in "PIMS" database so he cannot proceed to process my visa. US officer has informed me that it will take 2 days to update in PIMS database and they will notify me to submit my passport but until now i didn't any udpate from them.

Can anyone please explain about what is the process for updating PIMS Database.

I just want to know the process as i know there is nothing to do from me or my employer since they already submitted all docs.



Hi Chinni,
Me too in similar situation, had attended H1B interview and vis officer handed over 221G form for not showing my petition in PIMS. He kept passports and original petition approval…

Have you got any update from US consulate, can you please update what happend to your petition …


Hi Chinni

Me too in same situation,I have attend H1B interview on 29-Sep-2014 .It went fine and finally officer kept my passport and told visa will be approved once the petition is updated in PIMS.Please let me know your status and how to follow up the process.

Thanks in Advance.



My wife had interview today for h4 visa. They took her passport and put it on a hold by saying no PIMS. What is PIMS? Are they going to reject her visa? Who update PIMS my employer or USCIS? Plz help me

Hi Chinni and wait4visa,

I’m on the same situation right now. I went to Manila embassy for h1b renewal stamp. The officer said he will approve my visa but didnt provide me any 221g form. He mentioned though that my petition is not in their database but told me I should be fine. How long did you have to wait? It’s been 3weeks now since I got interviewed.

Hi Madhulanka,

I’m assuming they gave you your visa and passport. How long did you have to wait for the PIMS issue?