h1 b visa interview


I need some help regarding my H1B visa stamping interview. My I-129 petition is approved and the consulate notified on the approval is London as I Am  working there. However, I now have plans to travel back to my home country India. Can I go for the visa interview in HYD instead of the notified consulate which is London?   And could any one sent me inteview question please 

Here is what my approved I-129 petition 

> Beneficiary: Nick
> DOB: 08/31/84
> Classification: H1B
> Starting Validity Date: 10/01/2014
> Ending Validity Date: 15/10/15
> Consulate notified (if applicable): LONDON
> I-94 # (if applicable):

Yes, you can attend the Visa interview from the place of your choice.

		Interview questions are not entirely region/country/consulate specific. Please go through some of the posts related to Visa interview experiences available in the following link -