H1 b visa interview applied under cap exemption

I got a visa sponsered from X company . However I did not travel and same expired last month . Now the present employer has applied for H1b under cap exempt .the application is with USCIS . I need to know the questions asked during the interview by VO at consulate for stamping . As I did not travel with last H1 b will this be issue ? I am curious . Also need to know I did not even join the X employer as he had office only in US .while I am applying through present employer the X company is not listed in experience list will this be issue ?

I am curious

Not using your H1-b visa is not a cause for concern. H1-b petition is for potential employment starting in October usually and it’s not mandatory that you work in US or travel to us after the visa is issued. You should not list X in your resume if you did not work for them. This is perfectly acceptable.

Someone else will help you with the visa questions.