H1 B visa for postdoctoral researcher


I got the offer letter from US university for postdoctoral researcher position. In this connection I would like to know the procedure for H1B visa. I learned that they are doing clearance and issuing of the H1B visa. I want to know whether I have to take appointment of mumbai consulate and go to the mumbai consulate for stamping of H1B visa after getting documents from them or after reaching to USA I have to stamp it. I am confused as according to the offer letter I have to join on duty on 1st July 2013 and right now I have only 20 days with me to do all this procedures.

The employer needs to file I-129 petition w/ USCIS first. Check w/ employer if the position qualifies for cap-exempt H-1. If not, then the cap is done until next year. If it is cap-exempt then they can file the petition now and wait for it to get approved. Once approved, you can appear for visa stamping and then travel to US to work for the employer.