H1 B visa employer cheated after taking the fees and did not file it please help


One of the employer cheated by not filing H1 B visa. Paid the fees and after that he is not bothered at all.

He said he will file still lot of time left …and all .

On one fine day he said its not possible to file for me.when I am asking to return money he says all stories like he is busy with senator elections and after that said his daughter marriage and later his unless admitted in hospital etc et .

I want to know is there any way to log complaint and get money back. I paid 3.3 lakhs INR. I am really in vain. All my hard-earned money gone into water and he is enjoying with my money.

Please help me. It’s not fair even if he is USA and earning in dollars still greedy of money.

Any Indian filing for H1 please please be cautious with these sort of people.

I will be thankful to everyone who can help me in getting this sorted out.


File a complaint with USCIS. The organisation will be banned.