H1-B Visa Application withdrawl and re-applying

Hi,I have a query regarding the re-application of H1-B Visa Stamping. I have recently attended the interview in US Embassy London,VO did not mention either approval or denial of visa ,but took my passport and simply mentioned that my case needs further investigation.I found my status online as “Administrative Processing”.I have waited more than a month and dropped them an email through the Contact Form to return my passport as i need to travel back to my home country.I have received a reply stating that i need to withdraw my application in order to get my passport back from US Embassy.So, I have confirmed the same and got my passport back.In the mail they mentioned that, if I wish to apply for a visa elsewhere, I am required to complete and submit a new Form DS-160, pay a new MRV fee, and attend a new visa interview. But, I still see my visa status as “Administrative Processing”.My question is :Please let me know whether i can re-apply for stamping in India or do i need to check with the embassy before applying it? please advise.Regards,Krishna