H1 B transfer while on bench

I am employed by company A since March 2015 and have been working at a client in MO ever since and my company A filed for my H1B which is active from Oct 2015. The project with the client in MO ended on Sept 30th 2015 unexpectedly.My company A is marketing my resume from Oct1st to place me at another client.In the meanwhile I got a full time offer at my old client in Missouri and they started my H1B transfer process which can take another 15 days.I have travel plans to India in Nov2015 and have to appear for my visa interview.

A)Since I am on bench from Oct 1st until I get my H1B transfer, how do I answer the visa officer regarding this this bench period?How to approach this situation and support myself?
B)Also,while the transfer is in process,can I leave US?What are the consequences?Help needed please

  1. may be some medical reasons ( these are exceptional upto 45 days and more completely depends on suituation)

2 When you say transfer is process, with out the valid petition approval how can you appear for visa interview?

Thanks for your response. When you say medical reasons,do you mean that I was unable to work for a period of time due to medical reasons…Do I need documentation to support?

Also, tentatively I would get an approval in the first week of Nov from the new
company.If things get delayed…is it okay to travel?What are the consequences if I travel while USCIS is still processing the application?

Thank you