H1 B Transfer while H1B extension in process on expired I-94

I have my H1-B extension due on August 1st 2020 (i-94 expires on August 1st) with Employer -A and went for an H1-B extension on July 17th, 2020 in the non-premium process. Meanwhile, I got a good opportunity with Employer-B and I want to transfer my H1-B to Employer -B. My questions Below:

1> Is there any dependency on my H1-B extension for H1-B transfer?
2> Can employer-B apply for H1-B transfer in Premium processing?
3> If there is a dependency, assume that the new employer B, H1-B transfer is applied in premium processing and the H1-B transfer is approved, Will H1-B extension still has to continue or can we cancel the extension process with Employer-A?

Kindly let me know the process