H1 B Transfer to another Company with Pending H1 B Transfer


Can you please suggest a solution in my situation:

I have Company A’s ( Full Time ) approved H1 B petition till September 2017.I have transfererd my H1 B to Company B ( Consultancy) in August 2015 which is still pending.Now i have an offer from Company C ( Full Time) who are ready to sponsor H1 B.I am not sure if Company A has withdrwn my petition.

  1. If i proceed with Company C and the existing pending H1 B transfer gets denied.Will the Company C’s H1 also becomes void?

  2. If i transfer to Company C and Company B withdraws his petition then will that affect Comapny C’s petition.

  3. If I proceed with Company C in Premium Processing and later Company B’s petition gets approved will the Company C’s petition gets cancelled.

Please advice.I donot want to loose the opportunity from Company C.

  1. You will be using A’s petition as reference for this transfer to C. I don’t think B’s denial would impact it. You should submit copy of B’s transfer receipt and current payslips to show that you have been maintaining status.

  2. It won’t impact C’s transfer petition but you would have to join C in this case. You can no longer work for B once they withdraw their petition

  3. No. C’s petition will remain approved even if B’s petition gets approved later.

Let C know about your case in detail.