H1 b transfer to another company - risks involved

Hi ,

I am hoping you will be able to give me a proper answer for my situation.

Company A (consulting firm)filed my H1 B for a QA position as an inhouse requirement. I got an RFE asking me to support how an MBA graduate is eligible for a QA position. We provided experience letters and Education evaluation and some how got the approval. By the time i got my approval , Inhouse QA project for which my employer filed my H1 got over. Now i got another opportunity from company B for a Data Analyst position as iam very good at SQL programming. Now company B wants to file my h1 transfer. I did not disclose to them my original QA experience. I also found out that i need to submit my updated resume for h1 transfer. How can i give my new resume with Data Analyst job Title. This seems a risky option. But still i want to make h1 transfer to company B. Can i do that? If in case this transfer gets rejected can i continue on my old H1? If yes how does it work? Please explain. I am very confused please show me a way

The safest option is to let B’s attorney know about your case history so that they are aware of all angles.

Just like w/ A, you will have to show how you qualify for B’s position based on your education and experience.