H1-B Transfer Timeline for Premium processing

This year I got my H1-B through Lottery, and in the next two months I got a offer from a better company. They were willing to do my H1B transfer and asked me to pay for PP.

Currently, I paid the PP fee and I was told they filed my H1-B transfer on 2/7/13, from there today is the 14 calender day and my attorney says, there is no update  and said she will let me know if she get approval notice.

I wanted to know my receipt number. As I find online lot of people talking about checking their case progress using the number on the website. When I asked my attorney she did not answer the question  directly and said she will let me know when she get approval notice. 

So [b]My Question is: [/b]

It is been almost 14 days since they filed my H1 transfer on PP, is there chances I would not still gotten even my receipt number if not the approval notice. Do I have the right to ask the attorney for my receipt number.

Once USCIS receives the transfer petition, they will issue the receipt number and send it to the attorney. It will take 15 calendar days from that receipt generation date.

Do you think that employer is fooling you and collecting the PP fees from you?

You can ask the attorney that as it has been applied in PP, it should have been adjudicated by now (unless RFE is issued). You paid for the PP, and so you should know what is going on w/ the money spent by you. However, they are not legally required to share the receipt number w/ you.

HI , Thanks a lot for the reply

On the end of 15th day my attorney forwarded me the email from USCIS that my case was approved.