H1 B transfer - non-engineering degree

Hi Saurabh,

I am in US with H1 and now need to join from company A to B.

Company B is reluctant on seeing my degree and worry if my education will get a sucessful approval.


BSC Hotel MGMT - 3 yrs

Experience: 7 yrs

4.6 yrs in BPO/ KPO Supply chain

2.6 yrs in SAP Consulting IT - Certified Consultant

I have 6 month long duration course with IIMC

And company B request to obtain company A credential evalution report how to proceed with that. How long will premium processing will take, how fast it can be.

Is my profile suits for H1B tranfer, silly question though since I already have a valid H1B.

Rest - I have a strong faith in my God and belive GOD will take care.