H1-B transfer in India while extension is in Progress.

Hi, I am currently working in the USA, for an Indian company ‘A’. ‘A’ has applied for my H1 B extension (been almost 2 months). I am planning to travel back to India in a month or so. In all probablity, my petition will be approved after I go back to India.If I want to quit my current company (A) and join a new one(B) in India,

1) Will my new employer be able to transfer my H1-b over? If yes, can it be done while the extension is in progress or will I have to wait until it is Approved?


2) Will company 'A' come to know about the transfer? If yes, what if it cancels my H1-B? What are my options? 


My only concern is to not lose my H1B. Please advise on how I can get my H1B transferred to a new Employer in India without jeopardising my future Onsite travel.


Your help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Could someone please help me out with the answers?