H1 B transfer - Got Reciept number - Can I quit now???

My H1 transfer was filed on 13 Aug 2013 in Premium process and got the reciept number which is in Acceptence status and the company wants me to join on 29 August as they have planned induction along with other new hires.

It is a full time position and I am currently with a leading IT organisation in India.

I have not given notice to my current employer yet.

I am not sure whether to give notice not baring the H1 aprroval.

Please let me know whether I am good to quit given that the company is a well known company in USA and the job is a full time.

And this is my first jump, I came to USA on H1 7 months back.

Thanks for your help.

If you are confident about the approval (talk to H-1 attorney and new employer) then you can leave old employer and join the new one.

Have you submitted your recent payslips and maintained status all along?